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Tania Costa is a Toronto-based artist with a BFA in Drawing and Painting from OCAD University. She has exhibited her work at various galleries and art fairs, including Art Toronto, Propeller Art Gallery, Toronto Outdoor Art Fair, and The Artist Project. Tania has received numerous accolades for her art, including the Propeller Art Gallery Emerging Artist Award, OCAD University Drawing and Painting Medal, and the MOCA Toronto Mentorship Program Award. In 2022, she completed a three-month artist residency at Gladstone House, where she also held a four-month art exhibition.

My focus is on creating art that reflects the influence of tradition, identity, and emotion on the female form. My work examines my own cultural heritage and childhood experiences, and how they have shaped my sense of self and belonging. Common themes in my art include femininity, loneliness, and vulnerability, as I strive to capture figures in private, introspective moments. My art often showcases emotional memories and states, incorporating elements of pattern repetition and strong colour use. Through my art, I seek to explore the complexities of the female experience and delve into the intersection of identity, culture, and emotion.





Drawing and Painting BFA - OCAD University, Toronto On


Visual and Creative Arts AD - Sheridan College, Oakville



Gladstone House, Toronto On


Emerging Artist Award - Propeller Art Gallery

Medal Winner - OCAD U Drawing & Painting

Nora E. Vaughan Award - OCAD U

John Madott Fine Art Award - OCAD U


Board of Governors Silver Medial - Sheridan College

Excellence in Painting - Bruce Peninsula Society of Artists

​Merit Award in Visual and Creative Arts - Sheridan College

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